until the fat lady sings

"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I'm saying." (Oscar Wilde)
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  • Okay mah n-word’s. I’m gonna go grab some chip and dip then watch some cartoons and pretend like no one else exists. 


    Beyonce get’s paid leave, because she works for NO ONE BUT HER BADASS SELF. 

    but explain why other mothers in a more…middle class situation, I guess, should get paid maternity leave while the rest of us get paid for actually going to work, huh? HUH?!

    “ Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured. ”


    Why does the word ‘fat’ have such a negative connotation? I mean, if you’re fat then just say so. If she’s fat, then say so if she asks. Being fat can only be a bad thing if you make it a bad thing, just as being skinny can mean just as much of a bad thing if you make it as such. 

    Being proud of your body doesn’t give you the right to shame others, either. Just because you’re a big and curvy girl, it doesn’t give you the grounds to bash on women who are much thinner and slimmer, vice-versa. 

    Everyone has their own suffering and their own tragedy. Do not mock that which you have no suffered and experienced, because it only makes you a bigot. 

    And if that doesn’t reason you into being a better person, then…

    Guess the title

    My body is such a wonderful vessel. It puts up with everything I say, everything I do to it. Till this day, it’s still strong and taking care of me in ways that I cannot for myself. 

    Instead of ridiculing my body all the time and telling it that it needs to be bigger in this area or smaller in this area, I just need to shut the fuck up and accept that THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE. 

    My body does not need to change. My mind does. And though it will take a while, I’m sure my body will bear with me, because it always has. No one else will, thus no one else matters when it comes to my body. 

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