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    NN: So, I’m nearly done reading this entire entry and I’m ..FLOORED by all this that I’m learning just today, after years and years of cleaning or using products that I thought would do just that. 

    Let’s read on..

    So a school just emailed me to tell me that I have been accepted…THIS IS APRIL, BITCH! I NO LONGER HAVE A FUCK TO GIVE, I’M DOOONEEE. 

    because i’m going to san diego.


    *middle finger emote*


    Just so you know, if you guys want to raise the minimum wage, yall are gonna have to start paying more for things, so…. Theres really no end. -.-

    You know what.. fuck you goofs!

    She pointed out to me how we don’t talk anymore and she knew simply by my statement of being uncomfortable around *said person*. 

    Is it that bad? I mean, am I that allergic to people?

    Oh well. HAHAHAH

    Honestly, after January—no after February happened and March glanced at us, I just decided to fuck everything and not even bother giving any fucks for the people who think I’m either weird, awkward, stupid, not funny, etc. I’ve been working hard in college, despite it being “community” college, and I’ve succeeded in fields of work that I never thought I could. I just recently got hired for another (fourth) job in one year. And I’ve completed nearly all the long term and short term goals I made for myself long ago. The difference is back then I never thought it would be possible, but I’m kicking everyone’s ass to the curb right now, so great things are indeed possible and probable. 

    I have started expressing myself a lot more through mediums like Twitter or Facebook, though I barely go on facebook other than to turn off that fucking notifications on my phone, and even you, Tumblr! There’s another one…OH YEAH Pinterest, but that’s more of a creative or .. illustrated expression than a verbal one. But the point is that I’m expressing myself at all. I remembered when I used to be too scared to and I’d always huddle up my feelings or commentary because I was afraid of it being rejected or judged harshly. Well, by holding it in I’m doing all that to myself, which is ten times worse, so hurrah for figuring that out 10 years later. 

    I’m not going to change who I was though, because I was lectured in tears that I am a person of great and sometimes too much empathy and compassion. Though it is my weakness, it is also my strength because there are few of us left. And my lecturer went on about a few other things that I can’t even put into my own words and do it justice, but she said quite a lot and I believe her because she believes in me. 

    Goddamn, my hands are cold and numb! I should take a warm shower, mmmm. 

    Plus, I know who I am and I know what kind of person I am. I shouldn’t need to apologize for it just because some of you don’t have a sense of humor (or if you misunderstood me and didn’t even bother to get an explanation.) 

    Fuck you. 

    There’s this thing called a summer job, guys.

    I like how I got a job today! 

    And I like how the first thing most people say is, hey aren’t you moving next fall? UHHH yeah, but no one said I couldn’t have a job in the meantime -__- I’m not about to rot away during the summer with nothing to do, jeezus khrise, people. 

    It’s getting so annoying to hear that. 

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